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Judy Young Melanson

Facilitator and teacher

Phone number: 506-866-3346
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Individuals, couples, families, business & organizations

Since discovering the Constellation work in 2002, Judy has traveled within Canada and the US to train in system dynamics in families and organizations. She organized a series of training workshops for Hellinger Canada (Ottawa) in 2008-09, bringing Carola Castillo from Venezuela. In 2011 she relocated from Ontario to Atlantic Canada.
In 2014 Judy became certified in Systemic Dynamics for organizations through the Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands and the Institute for Integrative Systemic Dynamics (USA).  
In 2018 she became certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). SE is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. SE has become an important tool in her constellation facilitation.
Judy sees the Constellation work as a kind of sacred, living ‘theatre’ through which healing across generations, systems, and dimensions, reveals, teaches and offers a great deal. Coming from a 20 year background in theatre and collective creation, this work embraces creativity, expression and profound connection.
Indigenous ceremony and ritual also play an integral part in who she is and how her work is shared with others.


Ursula Bayer- Klum

(902) 759 7467

After obtaining a degree in biology and working in a laboratory in Germany while raising her family, Ursula was ready for a change. She retrained in Psychotherapy in Germany focusing on holistic methods including breathing techniques, bioenergetics, meditation and family + systemic constellations. Since June 2009 Ursula is offering Yoga + Meditation classes and facilitating family and systemic constellation workshops on a regular basis in Pictou County and Halifax. Ursula came in touch with the constellation work in the late 1990ies while taking a 3- year training in holistic health methods with Albert Bedersdorfer, who had learned from Bert Hellinger and Jacob Schneider. This led to taking a workshop with Bert Hellinger: “Family constellations with severe traumata, psychosomatic and somatic disorders” 1998. and working in the office of Gerhard Walper, who now specializes in “Silent Constellations”.
In 2016 Ursula organized a workshop for professionals in Halifax with Gerhard Walper, who is working internationally as part of the team around Bert and Sophie Hellinger.
During Covid Ursula took her constellation work online offering workshops per Zoom. She maintains ongoing education through online workshops with Gerhard Walper and Suzi Tucker.